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Update 14-May-2012
Working on cleaning the music database, this is approximately half way through, but progress is slow at the moment.

Update 24-Apr-2012
Eden support has now been released.

Update 19-Mar-2012
The first codeset which cleans the video thumbnail cache and video tables in the database has now been released. This currently only supports XBMC Dharma 10.1. XBMC Eden 11 support will follow once Eden is released.

Project Description
A Windows Service to manage a shared XBMC MySQL database and shared cache folder.

The Options for the service:

My Setup
I have a Windows Home Server 2010 which has all my media files and a MySQL database for XBMC plus the thumbnail cache folder. I have 3 XBMC machines (1 windows and 2 OpenElec), these all share the same thumbnail cache and MySQL database. All XBMC's are Dharma 10.1.

I'd like to have a windows service that updates the database when I add new films/music to my folders and to clean the database and thumbnail cache when I delete files.

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