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Settings Screen Options
MySQL Server name
Enter the name of the server where you have MySQL installed.

MySQL User name and password
Enter the username and password used in MySQL to access the XBMC cache databases.

Shared XBMC thunbnail cache folder
The local or UNC path containing the shared cache folder.

Clean MySQL Video database
This option will cause XBMC Cache Manager to remove entries from the database that no longer have related video file. For example, if you watch a movie and subsequently delete the movie from your hard drive, XBMC Cache Manager will remove any entries from the database that related to that movie.

Clean Video thumbnail cache
This option will remove any files from the cache folder that no longer exist in the database.

Log Only
This option is for testing, any cache files that would be deleted are recorded in an entry in the event log but no files are deleted.

Backup thumbs
This option allow you to move any thumbnails that are being deleted to a backup folder, useful for checking what is being deleted.

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